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Welcome to Ngo Bolingo. I created this space to share my thoughts on fashion, art, and my journey toward self-advancement with the world.

The Ngo Bolingo journey began in high school, in Home Economics. We were learning how to sew, and my chosen item was a pillowcase. After making my pillowcase, I was so excited that I could create something so simple and useful. I was even more excited because I knew my mom had a brand-new sewing machine at home collecting dust. After proving to my mom that I knew how to sew, I was so excited to get started that I didn't even notice I was missing the main tool needed to make anything, fabric! So I thought about using bedsheets for my first creative adventure, but I knew my mother would not approve. So I had to find something I could get away with. Which brought me to my old denim jeans, those that I could no longer fit. This is when I discovered my love for denim, I could do so much with it, I could make shorts, dresses, and skirts, the possibilities were endless. After altering my jeans, I found my niche making mini skirts, skirts with patches, and sheared denim. And before I knew it, my friends wanted me to do the same to their unused jeans. Then it became an art for me and since I wasn't fond of creating the same skirt twice, every skirt was unique. My motto was no two skirts alike. Creating something new every day, each time, excited me, and it made me so happy to see the smiles on my client's faces. I also love the idea of taking something old and transforming it into some new. This is how I discovered fashion and its creative potential.

That experience resulted in my first clothing brand called Nigerian Hippie. Nigerian Hippie was colorful and fun. I created, jackets, tops, bottoms, and dresses, in the most unique prints I could find. I worked late nights, exhausted 2 sewing machines, and never said no to any design. I sewed so much, that I was burned out. I decided to take a break and return with something new and inspired.

During this time, I moved to Brooklyn, New York. Being in the city, and experiencing the many styles, cultures, and designs, I started forming ideas of what I wanted my new designs to express. This is when I gravitated towards vintage, classic fashion because it was so rare and often one of a kind. I loved classic fashion because it simplistically shows your beauty, and I realized I had a desire to recreate simple designs, with a pop of bold print. I also wanted to provide attractive ready-to-wear pieces for my customers and to eliminate days and nights of sewing. That’s when I learned that I wanted to become a Slow Fashion advocate. It's not only sustainable but has a low quantity of products being produced, so nothing will be wasted. This allows my customers to have quality fashion that lasts, coupled with sustainability for the planet. These elements are what birthed Ngo Bolingo. During this discovery, I learned the journey is never linear and there’s much to learn along the way. And I'm so glad I didn't give up because now I am blessing the world in the way I know best, through Fashion, Art, and Storytelling. While the path is challenging, the reward is earned when we commit to showing up and practicing resilience. I’m learning that fashion is more than the end product. Much thought, vision, and intuition guide the path that leads to design, fit, prints, and texture. And I'm learning and growing along the way.

Thank you for visiting and bearing witness to what exists within this space. I hope you feel inspired.

Welcome to Ngo Bolingo!

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