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I sometimes feel that we are much more than what we think we are. Past texts have read that we're all made in the image of God, but I don't think we truly believe or understand the magnitude of that statement.

What if we asked ourselves the ultimate question, Am I God? If your answer is I Am, at that very moment, you are responsible for every feeling, every thought, every action, and emotion towards yourself, people, and your environment. I believe our thoughts go from within and out into the universe; our words, actions, and emotions give birth out into space. I believe we create worlds with our thoughts, and at some point, we are drawn to our creation.

So I ask myself, could we humans be fleeing Gods instead of fallen angels? I say fleeing because of the responsibility of being a God. Could humans have created God outside themselves to escape the complete commitment of being God? With escaping this commitment, when something happens in our world, we get to put it on something or someone outside ourselves. Humans say they are waiting on God's answer, but the answer can only come from within themselves, where God resides. That's the only way the answer comes, every time!

But just the opposite, owning who you are and taking responsibility for your power means sending love, abundance, or good luck when you see any individual. You send them blissfulness and tranquility when you see someone frustrated or irritated. Send tunnels of radiant light and safety down freeways to decrease wrecks when driving. Doing this daily angelic work will uplift you and your environment, and it returns to you. I believe this could also elevate your soul's journey to a higher existence.

So when you ask yourself that ultimate question of Am I God, take note of how the answer makes you feel. How does it feel when you ask yourself, and the answer is, I Am not? Does it feel right and good? Remember, the "I Am" has to come before the "not." When asking yourself, Am I God, and the answer is I Am, how does it feel, does it feel familiar, do you feel wonderful, does it feel right and light? The answer lies within the way you feel.

I ask: We see what we have all created on Earth so far. How would it feel to create a world fit for the true Gods we all carry inside of us? I'm sure that if we can hold this knowledge and carry it with us every day, we can all create an incredible planet far greater than what we can imagine.

When the world makes use of this knowledge, Earth becomes a better place because we are now the stars and narrators of our own shows. We are the creators of the world we live in.


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