4:44 Family

I sit and analyze the world we live in and how we (Africans/African Americans) can build a joyful world experience for us all, to make all of our lives better without the fear of it being taken from us, such as on Black Wallstreet, Oscarville and many more. As I sit and ponder ways we can overcome, I always come back to a voice saying "but they will find a way, or make some excuse to take it all from us". But there is one thing we can do, and we can all do it together no matter where we are in the world. We can do it while at work, washing our hair, or while preparing a meal. I believe that if we all came together every day at the same time to visualize ourselves and our people as a whole, prevailing, we would overcome all obstacles thrown our way. Visualization is a powerful tool and the more of us to come together, the more powerful it would be. Let's come together at 4:44 pm est time every day for 17 to 68 seconds to visualize us all victorious, joyful, united, and prevailing. See us celebrating, happy and abundant. Set your timers and meet me every day at 4:44 pm to work our God-given magic.

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