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Sustainable, Bold, Ethical


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About the Deigner

Ngo Bolingo designs are at the intersection of extravagant and classic, ready-to-wear to create lavish clothing with a relaxed, timeless style.

Celebrating the traditions of classic pieces and striking prints, the collections combine craftsmanship and details with soft volumes and sculptural silhouettes to offer a contemporary take on femininity.


Ngo Bolingo will redefine itself every season with collections that combine storytelling, love, and activism while using travel, culture, and landscape as a medium to further the dialogue around seasonal themes.

Ngo Bolingo's aim is to craft effortless garments that last and that can metamorphose the wearer, with unpredicted combinations of softness and structure, classic and vintage. Each collection builds on the previous one to develop a world of garments that can be cherished for years, passed between friends, reinterpreted, and restyled to convey the distinctiveness of the wearer.


Ngo Bolingo's is created by Ngozi meaning Blessing and Bolingo meaning Love. 

Ngozi's aim is to uplift and drape every wearer around the world in blessings and love. 


White printed long linen wrap dress.


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